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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  November 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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melrose, over wards lexington on 128. but as one storm our nor'easter pulls away after the strong winds over 50 miles per hour and gusts looking to the west at this. this storm is producing everything from heavy snow to tornadoes what it will bring us tomorrow. he risked his life serving in afghanistan only to be killed when he returned home. fox 25 covered his story two years ago when that vet was shot and killed tomorrow. tomorrow the trial will begin. you spoke with his family. he was preparing on become a police officer when he was shot and killed in his hometown. two men were indicted for the murder one of them the man accused of pulling the trigger is expected to face trial here at the middlesex county superior court building tomorrow.
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>> in their hearts and on their backs the family of stoneham is united as they seek justice for joe. >> they say time heals all wounds you the but just want to live life. it's like you're reliving your worst nightmare. >> reporter: tomorrow 21-year-old you u19 malden murder. it happened in stoneham inside the home of one of joe's friends. police say joe was an incident party who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time when a drug deal went bad. he no idea he was walking into an ambush when he stopped by for a quick visit. >> he got shot through the hand, through his wrist. right through the top of his heart. it went into his left lung. >> reporter: joe served as a you u.s. army ranger with the tenth mountain division. he survived multiple fire fights during a tour in afghanistan. it was about a year after he left the service when he lost his life. >> personally i never thought about it till now, you know.
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all this stuff again. even with you you guys coming in tonight it was just like tingley and i felt like i was in space. >> reporter: joe's family and friends know the trial will transport them back to a dark time. they pray there will be light on the other side. >> you you're reliving your whole nightmare. you're living a nightmare. you never thought that that could happen to a family. >> the trial is expected to last a couple of weeks. the family plans to attend as much as possible and they say they will wear, if allowed, the judge allows them to wear those t-shirts they will wear them. they say justice for joe on them. reporting live in woburn tonight, ted daniel, fox 25 news. >>. >> fox 25 there was as the driver of the other car involved was arrested on drunk driving charges. police say the natick man tried to make an illegal u-turn and hit another car. everyone else in the victim's car was not seriously hurt. >> lowell police saying
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tonight a video game chat led them to arrest this man on drug and assault charges. new at 10:00, jose white pleaded not guilty. a lowell woman was playing call of duty on-line and told him she was being held against her will and assaulted by a gang. police say it was a domestic dispute but they did find marijuana at the apartment. an alert from boston police tonight about on-line dating sites being used to lure potential robbery victims. investigators tell us six people were robbed over the course of five weeks in mattapan if roxbury. they were meeting up with people they met on-line at specific addresses. when they got there they were robbed at gunpoint. >> red flags are any time anyone wants to meet you at a home or even a park. you want to make sure that you you're meeting them at a coffee shop or a restaurant. some populated area. >> police believe the scammers are so-called cat phishers who post attractive fake profile pictures to lure victims. a very close call for one family's dog.
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rescuers have their hands full saving them. malini we heard from the dog's owners. >> the family says buddy has been doing what he does every day for two years he knows not to go past that invisible fence line they have no idea how he ended up on the street and downing in the well. helpless and all alone goldie a golden doodle spent at least 24 hours in a well. the well the least 25 feet deep. taunton firefighters didn't think twice about you how they were going to rescue the little man. >> once i got down there i kind of strapped it around him, like in front of his hind legs then one in front of his two front legs. >> reporter: buddy and firefighter jared jackson came up safe and sound only a minor scratch on jared. >> initially i kind of felt bad. poor thing looked sad being down. there he there was you all night. >> reporter: buddy's owner
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thinks he disappeared right after a meal. he went outside to look for his friends. >> he was standing on there to see other dogs. i guess it wasn't that stable. >> reporter: buddy was rescued around 8:30 in the morning on tremont street. family members had no idea where he went until they heard some faint cries. >> we thought we heard him barking but we weren't sure it was so faint because he was probably tired. he was a little shaken, i think, probably cold he was in there all night. >> reporter: but buddy was back to his normal self in no time. >> the family says this is not the first time it was a close call for buddy when he was just a couple months old he was a puppy he was hit by their house. he got at hairline fracture. the family says they're glad their little man is back in their life. malini basu, fox 25 news. dirt bikes are wreaking havoc on busy streets in boston.
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we showed you how the bikes often weave in and out of traffic at high speeds. mayor marty walsh said he had sears concerns about the the bikes but his police officers won't be chasing after them. >> it's important to enforce it. but we can't as these dirt bikes are going through the city of boston i won't put the danger of the police officer and pedestrians that are walking the street in harm's way. >> fox 25 was with boston officers who recently seized seven bikes in mission hill. police want people who see these bikes to let them know where they are being stored. a lowell man who arrived at home as his house was burning may have saved his family members lives. he came home from work to find smoke. his niece, sister, and sister's boyfriend were all still inside. he rushed in and yelled for them to get out. nearly all of his family belongings were ruined. they say they feel lucky to be alive. take a look at these massive flames in camden, new
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the four alarm fire started just after 4:30 this morning. you can make out that that fire destroyed a large portion of the inn. the fire department says police removed one person from building that. no word on that person's condition nor what started the fire. donald trump back in new hampshire one day after another republican debate and after he addressed the crowd he spoke to political reporter sharman sacchetti who asked him about his immigration plans. >> speaking of polling numbers i love new hampshire. >> reporter: donald trump showing some love for the first in the nation primary state. telling the crowd of about 700 people at the politics and eggs event in manchester that his unlikely run for president has taken off. >> well, there's great momentum we're doing so well in all the polls we're leading. >> reporter: on this day prump trump made sure to praise the veterans. veterans by the way, right. >> reporter: instead of a speech he took questions from the audience. he says his ideas are resonating especially his plans to remove some 11 million illegal immigrants and you actually use what he's calling a deportation force.
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i asked him about it. >> a lot of people are saying sending illegal immigrants out of the country are not practical what do you say? >> very practical. many people if you look to the 19 50s dwight eisenhower a million-and-a-half people we have to have people in the country legally. it's so important we either have a country or don't. >> reporter: i asked him how he plannedded to do but he never answered? >> how do you do that? trump didn't dole out any details as he was leaving i asked him if he should, his answer said it all. >> people want to a hear a little more from? >> they said i won the debate last night. >> reporter: tomorrow you trump heads to iowa then later in the week florida and texas. in manchester, new hampshire, sharman sacchetti, fox 25 news. bernie sanders walked in veterans day parade in lebanon new hampshire. for years sanders has made veterans care one of his top priorities. sanders is trailing hillary clinton.
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fan duel and draft kings are still legal in massachusetts. attorney general mora healy continues to review the fantasy sites and adds that consumers can be protected if the sites are run properly. hear decision won't be suede by new york's ruling. 24-year-old john russo was caught when he went to meet what he thought was a 14-year-old girl. he had you actually been talking to an undercover detective. russo also had an illegal and loaded handgun. he will be arraigned tomorrow. >> a rash of thefts in shrewsbury more than a dozen cars broken into this week. police tell us that all of those cars were unlocked with everything from money to electronics was taken overnight monday into tuesday. are responsible for the crimes which took place on several streets. commander in chief absoluting those who made the ultimate sacrifice. president president obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery today. the president encouraged
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business owners to show their appreciation by hiring more veterans and promised more improvement in the troubled v.a. hospital system. in new york city a veterans group organized a special tribute for those who died in the september 11th deaths. new at 11:00 they left yellow roses at the 9/11 memorial site. more than 275 veterans died during the attacks. new hampshire residents who need help with their heating bills can get a head start this year. the state's fuel assistance program is opening enrollment early on november 16ing because the federal money has already been released. the program helps families and seniors with income. mark, a piece of this powerful storm has its eyes on new england. an hour by hour track as it comes through tomorrow. a local pop warner football team on a mission after one of their teammates suddenly dies. the cause now close to their hearts as they work to fulfill one of his dreams.
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caster bob lobel is suing for a quarter of million dollars. andrew: the one thing about soccer that i like the most is when i put my uniform on,
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the ages leave all of us. we simply become kids again. for that very reason. it makes us the child we once were. the years just glide away, and i'm back to where i was. who used to be down in me, and i get to be that person all over again.
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>> athletes devastated after a teammate took his own life. dedicate ing the season to their friend. >> reporter: in the game of life. >> i had wanted to win a grand championship. >> reporter: no win is ever
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>> he was an amazing guy. amazing friend. >> reporter: and some losses are felt more keenly than others. >> i was just shocked. i didn't know what to do. very devastating. >> reporter: winston daily jr., josh, and ambrose junior grew up playing pop warner football were inseparable off the field too. but this summer they were set to go their separate ways. hickaman and deleon moving on to high school the sports until july 19th the day junior committed suicide. >> i no idea he never like gave me any signals. i thought he was fine. >> reporter: his family says bullying led to junior's stunning blow. true. >> reporter: junior's life cut too short and his one goal to win a pop warner championship unfulfilled in the wake of his death his old teammates knew what they had to do. >> i would feel ashamed if i didn't take the opportunity to play the season with the kids that i grew up with because he grew up with and the teams that he wanted to win a championship with.
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>> reporter: back together for one final season, the hyde park cowboys are now 8-0. two games away from clenching that national playoff berth. every play they say is inspired by number 42, who may not be on the field but certainly carries him in their hearts. >> i certainly miss him. i love him a lot. he was just always there for me. >> reporter: the cowboys did hold an anti-bullying pep rally at the start of this season to bring awareness to junior's situation. they next play a game on sunday afternoon. if they win that, only one more game will stand between them and the first round of the national playoffs. in hide parke, i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> local broadcasting legend bob lobel taking on a newton golf course saying he wants them to be more handicap accessible. lobel suing woodland golf club for refusing him to allow him on the golf course with a solo rider.
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he has been using that cart after years of surgeries made it difficult to walk. the club is concerned the cart would damage the greens. >> i'm not going to out there and destroy woodland's course. i have enough respect for the game of golf how difficult it is for the courses to stay -- i'm not -- please not the goal. this is to just take away a be. >> lobel says he wanted to talk about the suit on veterans day because the soldiers have better access to the game of golf. target is selling a sweater that some say makes light of obsessive compulsive disorder. the red sweater with the o.c.d., followed by the words obsessive christmas disorder. some customers are demanding target stop selling the sweaters saying the sweater mocks and trivial trivializes serious mental disease. >> target responding by saying they have no plan to stop selling them. this afternoon springfield police gathered outside bay state medical
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center to honor the 5-year-old's wish. he was begin a police cap, a badge and got to put sirens on inside a cruiser. also helping out state police and local e.m.t.s. >> announcer: now your local 4 from chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz and the fox 25 storm tracker weather team. >> got the live doppler radar working tonight. shooting into that drizzle right near the site. it does still pick up some of the heavier spots or drizzle or shower activity. even some darker green showing up right in here. southward to forest detail -- forest detail dale into worcester county. to the south shore brockton seeing some of that. it looks like we had some in rockland that's now gone just vanished. lexington southward toward walt ham just spots of heavier heavier drizzle as
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this storm system our nor'easter pulls away out into the ocean taking the strong winds and heavy rain it with. so next in line is only a day away and it's this storm here. a powerful storm. look how incredible it looks close up. that spin in the atmosphere on the back side of it cold air pouring in to that right here you get snow, heavy snow falling right now on the front side of it you get the warm air rushing northward the warm air colliding with it producing thunderstorms. reports of at least 10 tornadoes out in this part of the country today. much of that happening in iowa earlier too where it is now snowing in western iowa. it will drag a front through our area. another little storm that will bring some rain to us during the day tomorrow. let's talk about what it's like outside right now how it will be through your morning hours. it is 46 in boston that temperature won't change much through the morning. the clouds hang thick there can be some drizzle we're seeing that right now and
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also be some fog too getting up into the low 50s first thing in the morning. this front that's coming towards us will produce winds coming towards us. temperature also warm into the 50s from the 40s. 43 a lot of clouds out there in worcester county right now 47 by 11:00 in the morning. and lawrence to the north 45 right now there will be some fog and drizzle again. could get a break of sun. one of the places i want to show you. but it will fade quickly you see that here by 7:30 just about everybody cloudy. look at the little bit of thinness in the clouds here back through here. what future cast is trying to tell us is can be a break or two. here come the showers by late in the morning boston to lunchtime. heavier downpours will be embedded in much of this. but the heaviest going to the north closest to the center of the storm system. showers continue into the evening dry. something we'll be tracking closely tomorrow. this slides on you through
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at night before it pulls out of here after midnight. certainly cool us off coming up for friday. but tomorrow temperatures in the 50s. maybe a break of sun 52 rockport, 50 &over trying to be optimistic about this but really it will be mostly if not totally cloudy day. here's your seven-day forecast with your weekend always in view. showers coming tomorrow afternoon into the evening by this weekend not seeing much in the way of shower threat. but i do see some clouds mixing in especially on saturday. then into sunday just a little bit warmer. these temperatures actually very close to normal this time of year. one boston sports legend talking about another bottoms sports legend. larry bird sharing some thoughts on tom brady and the chincy deflategate investigation. plus, the winner of our game day game of the week voting. where is brian salman headed
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i'll tel first back-to-back season for the celtics a win last night in milwaukee but couldn't get it done at home tonight in indiana. isiah thomas had a big game last night scoring 26 but couldn't quite do that tonight. he could pass though. look at david lee. getting this one to fall. with some contact. pacers led by 2 at the half. how about r.j. hunter. that's a three poiner. get ready for some more of those.
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double double as the pacers outmuscle the celtics 102-91 is your final. earlier today the globe's dan shaunessy spoke with larry bird about a number of topics including the whole deflategate saga how bird viewed it. the main take away was bird telling shaunessy i thought it was pretty chincy. people finally realized that the patriots would have beat the colts anyway i just laughed about it. here's brady sharing his feelings on that history with the new york giants. >> i would you much rather have won them than lost them but they won't have any bearing on this week or what the matchups are this is a totally different team and game and situation or so forth. we've always had very, very close games against them even when we won. we haven't won as many as i would have liked to have won. >> you don't see many numbers like this 2-3 all-time since the g-men. seven touchdown passes
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time to eneven up that all-time record this sunday in jersey. brady leads the probowl fan voting right now. he's 21,000 votes ahead of aaron rodgers. the hope is he doesn't play in the probowl he's getting ready for the super bowl in st. clair. -- santa clara. >> honestly i don't think anybody is focused on that. who cares what difference does it make. give me an f, give me a c, it doesn't matter. right now i'm focused on giants. that's all i really care about. >> about the answer would expect. the matchup bit more intense the stakes a little higher we expect a rowdy crowd at our game of the week in east bridgewater. where the vikings will host cardinal spellman. brian salman will be live in east bridgewater friday night at 6:00.
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out they always are for the game day game of the week. it seems every week it gets more and more entertaining. >> love that. >> the sun goes down a little darker people a little crazier. it should be fine. >> bring on the heat. >> they have been wrapping goodies. so the students there should be bringing that back. >> mars bars. candy. tomorrow there be maybe, maybe a glimpse of sun i'm trying to be optimistic a lot of clouds out there. fog is likely to redevelop be aware of that. fog, clouds, drizzle right into the morning hours. then another batch of showers in the afternoon you through the evening hours. couple of them can be heavier but not the heavy you stuff. friday a dry day but then by saturday temperatures are cooler especially during the morning. get a little bit of sunshine. >> no snow. >> make sure you check with shiri in the morning just it's the holidays.
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